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9th Company, 8th Legion, 14th Army

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 The 9th Company is one of nine companies that form the 8th Legion, one of three Legions in the Malazan 14th Army.



At its onset in Aren, 1164, the 9th Company was composed of seperate squads of heavy infantry (3), marines (3) and medium infantry (18). Following the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan, the squads of the 9th Company were redistributed into squads containing a mix of heavy infantry, sappers, mages, marines and regular infantry. By the time of the 14th Army's invasion of Lether, this practice had been adopted by other companies within the 14th Army, such as the 3rd Company, 8th Legion.



The 9th Company was originally commanded by Captain Keneb. Following his promotion to Fist after the Battle of Raraku, the company was commanded by Captain Kindly, who joined the 14th Army shortly after the execution of Sha'ik. When the 14th Army received reinforcements near Lato Revae, Captain Kindly was reassigned and replaced by Captain Faradan Sort. Following Faradan Sort's desertion after the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan, Madan Tul'rada, Faradan Sort's lieutenant, was promoted to Captain and assumed command of the company. When the Bonehunters were reunited with the army, Faradan Sort was restored to the 9th Company's command.


The 9th Company features prominently in the novels House of Chains, The Bonehunters and Reaper's Gale.




"Officially, you're 4th Squad, one of three squads under Lieutenant Ranal's command. [...] We're all in the 9th Company, which consists of three squads of heavy infantry, three of marines, and eighteen squads of medium infantry. Our commander is a man named Captain Keneb [...] Nine companies in all, making up the 8th Legion - us. The 8th is under the command of Fist Gamet [...]"

HoC, UK mmpb, p. 300



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