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A Complete List of the Warrens

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A Complete List of the Warrens



The Elder Warrens


Akhrast Korvalain : Elder Warren of the Forkrul Assail

Starvald Demelain: The Eleint Warren, The First Warren

Kurald Galain: Elder Warren of Darkness

Kurald Thyrllan: Elder Warren of Light

Kurald Emurlahn: Elder Warren of Shadow, the Shattered Warren

Omtose Phellack: Elder Jaghut Warren of Ice

Tellann: Elder Imass Warren of Fire

Denaeth Rusen: Elder Warren of the Sea

The Warren of Chaos

The Beast Hold?

Toblakai Warren


The Paths, warrens accessible by humans

Denul: The Path of Healing

D'riss: The Path of the Earth

Hood's Path: The Path of Death

Meanas: The Path of Shadow and Illusion

Mockra: The Path of the Mind

Rashan: The Path of Darkness

Ruse: The Path of the Sea

Serc: The Path of the Sky

Telas: The Path of Fire

Tennes: The Path of the Land

Thyr: The Path of Light



Aral Gamelon: mentioned in MoI as a warren of demons 

Fener's Warren - said to border on Chaos itself (DG, UK MMPB, p.290)

The Forgotten Warren - Barghast Warren

Kurald Liosan: mentioned in BH, homeworld of the Tiste Liosan?

The Empty Hold: accessible by the human mages of Lether

The Imperial Warren: the ravaged surface of Jacuruku made into a warren by K'rul, used by the Malazan Empire for the purposes of travel.



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