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Adjunct Lorn

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Adjunct Lorn


Name: Lorn

Pseudonyms: none

Age: early middle age

Race: human, from Malaz City

Appearance: "Long, auburn hair."

Further Info: Slain in Darujhistan.


Lorn, Adjunct to the Empress

GotM, Dramatis Personae




"The captain threw her a look. If she felt his gaze, she gave no indication. Her eyes remained on the road ahead; she rolled easily in the saddle, the scabbarded longsword hitched high under her left arm - ready for mounted battle. Her hair was either cut short or drawn up under her helm. Her figure was lithe enough, the captain mused."

GOTM, UK mmpb p.20


"She fought the urge to speak to them as she passed, to offer whatever comforting words she could. Such gifts were not hers to give, however, nor had they ever been. In this she was much the same as the Empress."

GOTM, mmpb p.22


"He watched her as she removed her helmet and shook out her long, auburn hair. It was wet and stringy with sweat."

GOTM, UK mmpb p.27


"She placed her helmet back on and cinched tight the strap under her chin. Her long hair dangled in tattered ropes down over her Imperial cape."

GotM, UK mmpb p.28


"'I'm not one for modesty,' the Adjunct said. 'Enter and close the door behind you.' (...) Faded tapestries lined the walls. Ragged furs covered the stone tiles of the floor. The furniture - what little there was - was old, Napan in style and thus artless. (...) Her hair shimmered in the red light."

GOTM, mmpb p.43




'But this was the Adjunct to the Empress, Laseen's personal servant, an extension of her Imperial will."

GotM, UK MMPB, p20



"'I am anathema to sorcery. That means, Lieutenant, that, even though I’m not a practitioner, I have a relationship with magic. Of sorts. We know each other, if you will. I know the patterns of sorcery, and I know the patterns of the minds that use it.'"

GotM, UK Trade p.22, UK mmpb p.28



"Sorcery doesn’t work on me... It hasn’t in a long time."
GotM, UK Trade p.210
"Mage killer, the scorpion in the Imperial pocket."

- thoughts of Aragan

GotM, UK mmpb p.31




"They were recruits, a cadre of mages. They were in Malaz City, awaiting their commander, when the Master of the Claw issued an edict against sorcery. They were sent into the Old City - the Mouse - to cleanse it. They were -' her voice caught '-indiscriminate.' She swung her attention back to Tattersail. 'This woman was one of those mages. Sorceress, that night was my last with my family. I was given to the Claw the very next day. The news of my family's death was kept from me for years."

GotM, US HC, p.220



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