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 A mage of Malaz City. Distantly related to Bottle and a follower of The Queen of Dreams



"Agayla stood at the narrow threshold, a candle in one hand that cast her sharp features into stark shadow and light." - (NoK, UK mmpb, p.152)


"Her skirts brushed the floor. She'd pushed up her sleeves of her blouse over her forearms and tied back her long black hair." - (NoK, UK mmpb, p.154)


"Thinking of Agayla, the brushing of her rich embroidered dresses and her thick mane of auburn hair..." - (NoK, UK mmpb, p.371)


"Tayschreen damned the sorceress - she and all others aligned with the Enchantress - their eyes saw everywhere."  - (NoK, UK mmpb, p.361)


"From Agayla's hints, dropped here and there, Kiska recognized the Warren as that of Thyr." - Kiska, former pupil of Agayla, recognizes Corinn's warren - (NoK, UK mmpb, p.368)


Agayla's Home


"...Kiska reached Agayla's rooms. Her aunt lived alone behind her shop on Reach Lane, a street so narrow its second-storey balconies butted each other overhead and occulted the moonlight.

Kiska leaned her weight onto the door and hammered her fist on its solid timbers: planks from a shipwreck...Woven garlands of ivy and twists of herbs hung over the lintel and down both jambs...Under its small gable, the door's panels had been washed in dark tarry swathes as if a handful of leaves had been ground over them." - (NoK, UK mmpb, p.150-1)


"She went to the front, disappearing among the rows of standing shelves, each studded by tiny drawers containing a seemingly infinite variety of herbs...Above her head wire baskets hung from the rafters in clusters as thick as fruit. Dried roots, leaves, and entire plants reached down like catching hands. Banks of wall cabinets rose to the ceiling, holding hundreds of slim drawers labelled by slips of yellow vellum."  - (NoK, UK mmpb, p.153)


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