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Ahlrada Ahn

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Ahlrada Ahn


Name: Ahlrada Ahn

Race: Tiste Andii

Warren: none

Further info: A spy for the Bluerose Tiste Andii amongst the Tiste Edur.


"Ahlrada Ahn had trained alongside Trull, specializing in the Merude cutlass as his preferred weapon. He was left-handed, rare among the Edur, yet used his other hand to wield a short, wide-bladed knife for close fighting. The bell-hilt of his cutlass sprouted a profusion of quillons designed to trap opposing sword-blades and spear-shafts, and his ceaseless exercises concentrating on that tactic had made his left wrist almost twice the bulk of its opposite. Trull had seen more than one of his practice spears snap at a shoulder-wrenching twist from Ahlrada’s sword-arm.

The warrior also hated him, for reasons Trull had yet to fathom.  (...)


Ahlrada’s skin was darker than any other Edur Trull had seen. There were colourless streaks in his long, unbound hair. Shadow wraiths swarmed round him – another strange detail unique to the warrior." - (MT, UK Trade, p.416)


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