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Name: Given name unknown; took the name Apsalar in GotM, inspired by Apsalar, Lady of Thieves (GotM, UK MMPB, p.493)

Pseudonyms: known as Sorry while possessed by Cotillion

Age: late teens, DOB 1147-9 BS

Race: Human, Kanese

Appearance: "dark eyes" (GotM, US HC, p.75)

Further Info: A fisher-girl who was possessed, turned into a killer.

Recruited as a Bridgeburner.


Sorry, 9th Squad, a deadly killer in the guise of a young girl

GotM, Dramatis Personae


"'You're the fisherman's daughter,' the old woman Rigga said....'Seen you and your dad at the market. Missing an arm, ain't he?'"

GotM, UK mmpb, p.13


"As she turned away to descend the slope and make her way to the main camp, she caught the girl's eye. A chill rippled through her. The sorceress stopped. ' You, recruit,' she called. 'What's your name?'

The girl smiled as if at a private joke. 'Sorry.'

Tattersail grunted. It figured."

GotM, UK mmpb, p.82-3


"I have a handful of images from my life as a fishergirl. Bargaining at a market for twine. Holding my father's hand over a cairn where cut flowers lay scattered on the weathered stones, a feel of lichen where once I touched skin. Loss, bewilderment - I must have been very young."

DG, UK mmpb, p.685




"The girl's dark eyes slid to her sergeant."

GotM, UK mmpb, p.82


"Older than Apsalar. Perhaps twice her years. Same black hair, though'"

DG, UK mmpb, p.454


"Sheathed in tight silks, head wrapped and face hidden beneath a scarf, she was nonetheless worth a second glance, if only for the grace of her stride and the sway of her hips."

BH, UK Trade, p.17


"The recruiter's expression tightened. Damn, she can't be more than twelve or thirteen...

...What's got her eyes looking so bloody old?"

GotM, US HC, p.44


This is in 1161 BS, making Apsalar's DOB 1148-49. So she is anything from 15 upwards in the main series.


"'The girl was young, pretty as an icicle and looking as warm to the touch.'"

GotM, UK Trade, p.42


"...the girl couldn’t be more than fifteen years old. The exception was her eyes, which held the dull glint of weathered onyx – they looked ancient, every emotion eroded away into extinction."

GotM, UK Trade, p.44


- the year is now 1163, which backs up the conclusion that Apsalar was born around 1148.


Apsalar as Sorry


"What frustrated the sorceress was that she couldn't decide who among the people surrounding her was the dangerous one. Something kept drawing her back to the young girl. But the child seemed only half there most of the time."

- Tattersail examines the Bridgeburners

GotM, UK mmpb, p.79


"The black man's expression was glacial, but she saw a flicker around his eyes. Looked like fear."

- Quick Ben fears Sorry.

GotM, UK mmpb, p.82


See Quick Ben's repulsing of Sorry.


"But what had pulled a seventeen-year old girl into the world of war? He (Whiskeyjack) couldn't understand it -- he couldn't get past her youthfulness, couldn't see beyond to the cold, murderous killer behind those dead eyes."

GotM, US HC, p.259


1161st Year of Burn's Sleep
103rd Year of the Malazan Empire
7th Year of Empress Laseen's Rule

Itko Kan
     Sorry walks with a basket of twine towards home next to an old woman. She admires the column of soldiers that rides by on the road but the old woman curses of the three of husbands and two sons she has lost to the Empires war. The old woman suddenly grabs Sorry by the hair and prophesizes that they will put a sword in her hand, give her a fine horse and send her across the sea but a shadow will embrace her soul. The old woman says she can preserve her because they are now linked but that's all she can do. She should look to the Lord spawned in darkness, for his hand will free her but he does not know it. A soldier from the column then comes and punchs her killing the old woman.
     After the soldiers leave, two men swathed in black appeared. The taller of the two helps Sorry to her feet while the shorter one raises his arms summoning seven massive hounds which he sends running down the road. He then asks the taller one, who he addresses as Cotillion if he has reached a decision. Cotillion says since his name has been revealed his decision has been made for him and he can't leave the girl here. The other man, Ammanas, says she is ideal for the Empress can never track her down and would never guess. To Sorry he says its not such a bad thing to be the pawn of a god. Then, shadows engulf her.

     Later, Sorry joins the Malazan Marines and requests to be sent to Genabackis under the command of Dujek Onearm. Onearm's Host.

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