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Name: Apt

Pseudonyms: none

Age: unknown

Race: Aptorian Demon

Appearance: see below

Warren: Shadow/Kurald Emurlahn/Meanas?

Further info: 'Mother' to Panek


Apt, an aptorian demon - DG, Dramatis Personae


"An aptorian...from the Realm of Shadow...The beast was a nightmare, close to nine feet tall, crouching on two thin hind limbs. A lone foreleg, long and multijointed, jutted down from its strangely bifurcated chest. From a hunched, angular shoulder blade, the demon's sinuous neck rose to a flat, elongated head. Needle fangs ridged its jawline, which was swept back and naturally grinning like a dolphin's. Head, neck and limbs were black, while its torso was a dun grey. A single, flat black eye...The beast does not eat or drink, so far as we've seen..." -(DG, UK MMPB, p.202-3)


"A moment later, Apt lumbered into view. Dark blood streamed from its flanks and dripped from its needle fangs, making the grin of its jawline all the more ghastly...The demon clacked its jaws, a snakelike tongue darting out to lick the blood from its teeth." - (DG, UK mmpb, p.264)
"Black, three-limbed, a jutting shoulder blade like a cowl behind a long-necked head, a grinning jaw crowded with fangs, and a single, flat black eye that glistened wetly." - (DG, UK MMPB, p.533)


Apt frees over a thousand children who were hung from the city walls and tortured. She takes them into the Shadow Realm.


‘I thought I had lost you,’ Shadowthrone whispered to the demon. ‘Snared so long by Sha’ik and her doomed goddess. Yet this night you return, not alone – oh no, not alone, aptorian. You’ve grown ambitious since you were but a Demon Lord’s concubine. Tell me, my dear, what am I to do with over a thousand dying mortals?’" - DG, UK mmpb, p.476)


Apt spoke in a rapid, rasping series of clicks and hisses.  - (DG UK TBP, p. 476)




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