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A plains tribe of Seven Cities. It joined the Whirlwind. The tribe is found near G'danisban.



Arak: Pan'potsun Odhan

DG, Glossary


"The company was supported by a score of Arak tibal horsewarriors..."

DG, UK mmpb, p.185


"The Arak tipis lined the edges of a nearby hill's windswept summit, each set wide apart so that no shade from a neighbour's could cast insult...As any plains tribe would, the Arak chose hilltops rather than valley floors for their camps. The winds kept the insects to a minimum - boulders held down the tipi edges to prevent the hide tents from blowing away - and the rising and setting of the sun could be witnessed to mark ritual thanksgiving...Marking the centre of the ring of tipis was a stone-lined hearth. Four wooden posts off to one side, between two tipis, and joined together with a single hemp rope, provided the corral for the horses. Bundles of rolled felt lay drying nearby, along with tripods bearing stretched hides and strips of meat.


The dozen or so camp dogs surrounded the snapping gelding...The scrawny, yipping mongrels..."

DG, UK mmpb, p.187




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