Name: Ardata

Race: Elder God


"A young woman stepped into view from behind one of the pillars. Long hair the colours of dying flames, eyes the hue of beaten gold, dressed in flowing black silks" - (BH, UK Tpb, p.398)

Further Info:  Queen of Spiders


"Fifty years, dear rivals, to conquer an entire continent. Oh perhaps Ardatha still held out - always late in sending tribute- but I ignored such petty gestures. She had fled did you know. The bitch." - Kallor - (MoI, UK TPB, pg 14)


Cotillion was gazing steadily at her, then he said,  “You’re one of Ardata’s, aren’t you?”

She veered into a mass of spiders. - Cotillion to Mogora - (BH - )


“Ardata’s hand in this, I see.  Healed by the Queen of Spiders -- you foster dangerous alliances, Guardian.”  - Spite - (BH)


It can be presumed that she is an Elder God by her inclusion in the Errant's summons of all the remaining Elder Gods in Dust of Dreams:


"'You say you have summoned the others.  Where are they?'

'Coming,' the Errant replied. 

'How many?'


Knuckles stared.  'Who defies you?'

. . .

'I am not defied by choice.  Draconus - within Dragnipur it's not likely he hears anything.  Grizzin Farl is, I think, dead.  His corporeal flesh is no more.'  He hesitated, then adding with a scowl, 'Ardata alone has managed to evade me, but she was never of much use anyway, was she?' - (DoD, US MMHB, p. 527)


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