Are the two Pearls (Imperial Demon, Master Claw) connected

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The Two Pearls


Their names are the same, but the descriptions are entirely different.


1. Pearl, a Korvalah demon belonging to Tayschrenn.


"A figure took form within the smoke, growing in size. Its shape was almost insubstantial, the smoke stretching like threads in places, curling like wool in others. All that was visible within it was its eyes, two black slits, which it swung towards Quick Ben."

GotM, UK mmpb p.423



2. Pearl. A Claw. Also known as Salk Elan.


"The assassin Kalam studied the stranger. He was lean, young, dressed in a loose, sickly green silk shirt. His face was handsome enough, though a touch too sharp-featured to be called friendly. Rings glittered on his long fingers.


'I am Salk Elan.'"

DG, UK mmpb p.610



Apart from sharing a name, and both being in the service of the Malazan Empire, there appears to be no link between the Pearls.



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