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Name: Artanthos


Age: young

Race: human,

Appearance: young

Warren: see Tayschrenn

Further info: Standard bearer to Dujek Onearm during the war with the Pannion Domin.


Artanthos was the name Tayschrenn used when disguised as standard-bearer of Dujek Onearm's host.


Arthantos, standard-bearer of renegade Malazan army

MoI, Dramatis Personae


"A young man.. he was nondescript, yet she saw that is eyes roved ceaselessly... held the outlaw pennon in one leather-gloved hand."

MoI, uk mmpb, p.110


"'Artanthos.... he's not used that name in a long time. Nor is he as he appears.' 'Who is he daughter?'..

'A chimera in truth'."

MoI, uk mmpb, p.113


Attributed Works


Confessions of Arthantos

Dujek Onearm and his army awaited the arrival of

Caladan Brood and his allies: the fell Tiste Andii,

Barghast clans from the far north, a half-score

mercenary contingents, and the plains-dwelling Rhivi.

There, on the still raw killing ground outside the

city of Pale, the two forces would meet. Not to

wage war, but to carve from bitter history, peace.

Neither Dujek nor Brood, nor anyone else among

their legendary company, could have anticipated

the ensuing clash – not of swords, but of worlds . . .

Confessions of Artanthos

MoI, UK Trade, p.65, UK mmpb, p.103


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