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Ay Estos

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Ay Estos


Name: Ay Estos



Race: T'lan Imass

Appearance: A tall, lean man, he has the furs of arctic wolves slung across his shoulders.

Warren: Tellann

Further Info: A T'lan Imass Bonecaster.


He is a T'lan Imass Bonecaster, of the Logros Clan.


Ay Estos, a Bonecaster

MoI, Dramatis Personae


"‘I am Ay Estos, of Logros T’lan Imass.’ The furs of arctic wolves hung from the Bonecaster, who was taller, leaner than the others."

MoI, UK TPB, p.595


"Olar Ethil, Kilava Onas, Monok Ochem, Hentos Ilm, Tem Benasto, Ulpan Nodost, Tenag Ilbaie, Ay Estos, Absin Tholai…the bonecasters of the Logros T’lan Imass. (...) Ay Estos was lost here on the Jhag Odhan in the last war."

- Onrack

HoC, UK TPB, p.577-578


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