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Name: Balm

Gender: Male

Age: unknown

Race: human, Dal Honese

Appearance: "Tall and wide-shouldered" - "dark-skinned young man"  (HoC, UK mmpb, p.846)



Balm is the Sergeant of the 9th Squad, a squad of medium infantry in the 9th Company, 8th Legion, of the Malazan 14th Army.

He suffers from confusion when going into battle which causes him to forget everything.


“It’s all right, Sergeant.  I heard about this from my Da.  It’s the Confusion.  Comes to some before a battle.  They lose track -- of everything.  It should settle down once the fighting starts -- but sometimes it don’t, and if that’s the case with Balm, then it’s his squad that’s doomed, not us.” - Stacker to Sergeant Moak -  (BH)




The 9th Squad:



"had impressed Strings with his cool indifference to pressure"

HoC, UK mmpb, p.846



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