Barathol Mekhar

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Barathol Mekhar


Name: Barathol Mekhar



Race: Human (Seven Cities)

Appearance: huge, black-skinned, with scars on face, hands and arms

Further Info: Ex-Red Blade, he is now a blacksmith. He is Kalam Mekhar's cousin and the companion and protector of Chaur.




".. the nominal head of the community, the blacksmith...Of his past in the world beyond, little was known except what was self-evident - his deep almost onyx black skin marked him as from a tribe of the southwestern corner of the subcontinent, hundreds, perhaps thousands of leagues distant. And the curled scarification of his cheeks looked martial, as did the skein of blade-cuts puckering his hands and forearms."

BH UK Tpb, p.12/13


" 'I understand what it is to be driven', Barathol said. 'I think that is all that I understand. Back in Seven Cities, well, I'd almost convinced myself that what I'd found was all I needed, but I was lying to myself. Some people, I now believe, cannot just... retire. It feels too much like surrender.'

'You were a blacksmith-'

'By default. I was a soldier, Mappo. A Red Blade.' "

Barathol to Mappo, in TtH




"..double bladed axe, the haft encased in strips of iron, a looping chain at the weighted pommel, the Aren steel of the honed edges gleaming silver. A three-pronged punch-spike jutted from the top of the weapon, edged like a crossbow quarrel-head..... iron-scaled gauntlets, a round-shield and the camailed, grille-faced helm."

BH UK Tpb, p.14



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