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Name: Baruk

Pseudonyms: The High Alchemist, Barukanal

Age: Unknown, may be extremely old

Race: Human, (Daru?)

Appearance: ...


Further Info: The secret ruler of Darujhistan. Leader of the T'orrud Cabal.


Baruk, a High Alchemist

GotM, Dramatis Personae


"He shifted his bulk on the chair and sighed."

GotM, US HC, p.150


"A second rap, louder than the first, brought him around with a swift alacrity surprising for one of his girth."

GotM, US HC, p.150


"'Why the Alchemist?' Lady Simtal was asking...'A fat old man smelling of sulfur and brimstone. Hardly suggestive of political power. Not even a council member, is he?"

GotM, US HC, p.153


"'...there is one thing they all acknowledge.'

'Oh, What is that, Councilman?'

'Power. We're all aware of your eminence among the city's mages, Baruk. Your word alone would bring others.'"

- Turban Orr and Baruk

GotM, US HC, p.154


"...Baruk had come to believe, with some regret, that his cordial relations with the Son of Darkness were drawing to a close, not out of any dispute, simply the chronic ennui of the Tiste Andii."

- thoughts of Baruk

TtH, US TPB, p.46


"The power of the High Alchemist's sorcery was as sweet and intoxicating as the pollen of d'bayang poppies, but that which came from the demon was foul, alien.

...'You are bold,' [Crone] said to Baruk, who stood facing the dais with hands folded. 'And the reach of your power, and will, is most impressive.'

'Thank you,' replied the High Alchemist, squinting at the demon he had conjured and then trapped. 'Our conversations have been . . . most enlightening. Of course, what we see here is not a true physical manifestation. A soul, I believe, disconnected from its corporeal self.'

'With eyes of jade,' Crone noted. ...

'...This demon is from the realm of the Fallen One. His birthplace.'

...'I will send it home, soon.'

...Cocking her head, she fixed an eye upon the High Alchemist. 'This is not simple curiosity.'

...'Send the soul home,' Crone said again. 'Look to the threat that even now creeps closer in the night, that is but moments from plucking the strands of your highest wards - to announce her [Vorcan's] arrival, yes, to evince her . . . desperation.'

...Baruk frowned at the conjured demon spinning above the dais; then, with a single gesture, he released the spirit, watching as the swirling energy dwindled, then winked out. Go home, lost one. With my blessing."

- Baruk and Crone

TtH, US TPB, p.150-2


"And then [Baruk] stood, facing the wall she would come through.

Stood, awaiting Vorcan.

No longer afraid of her.

No, the terror he was feeling belonged instead to her reason for coming. As for the Mistress of Assassins herself, damn but he had harsh words awaiting her.

You killed the others, woman. All but myself and Derudan. Yes, only the three of us left. Only three.

To stop, if we can, the return of the Tyrant.

Oh, Vorcan, you toppled far too many stones that night."

- thoughts of Baruk

TtH, US TPB, p.152


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