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Ben Adaephon Delat

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Ben Adaephon Delat


Name: Ben Adaephon Delat
Pseudonyms: Quick Ben, Kribalah Rule/Rule the Rude (tBH, UK paperback, p.124-125)
Age: unknown
Race: human, Seven Cities
Appearance: 'tall, thin black-skinned man' (GotM, UK Trade, p.42)
Warrens: 12(+?)Kurald GalainDenulHood's PathMeanasSercD'rissAral GamelonTennesRashan, ??
Further info:  Bridgeburner, A mage with at least 7 souls within him. Quick Ben, 9th Squad, a Seven Cities Mage  - GotM, Dramatis Personae




"...turning to the tall, thin black-skinned man who came up beside him...Though he spoke Malazan, his harsh accent was Seven Cities..."

"He seemed to shiver, but his lean face was expressionless as..." - (GotM, UK mmpb p.55)


"...almost feminine hands...fine, ascetic features...thin, spidery hands..." - (GotM, UK mmpb p.79, UK Trade p.59)


"You are supposed to be dead.' Pearl said. 'Your name is so marked on the scrolls of those High Mages who fell to the Empire in Seven Cities." - (GotM, US HC, p.298)

"I first met him in Seven Cities . . . the Holy Desert Raraku, to be more precise...Quick Ben. Adaephon Delat, a middling wizard in the employ of one of the Seven Holy Protectors during an abortive rebellion that originated in Aren. Delat and eleven other mages made up the Protector’s cadre." - Whiskeyjack - (MoI, UK TPB, p.258)

‘Adaephon Delat, a mage of  Meanas,’ he said in a bone-dry rasp, his split lips twisting into a grin.

‘He was never much, sir. I doubt he’ll be able to muster a defence.’ -Kalam - (MoI UK MMPB, P.262)
Former High Priest of Shadow, who left after burning his vestments:
"Quick Ben stopped before the dais. He bowed. 'I was once an acolyte within your temple, Lord.'

The god was silent for a time, then he said, 'Is it wise to admit such a thing, Wizard? Do I look kindly upon those who once served me but then abandoned my ways? Tell me. I would hear from you what my priests teach.'

'To begin upon the Path of Shadow and then to leave it is rewarded by the Rope.'


'I am marked for assassination by all who follow your ways, Lord.'

'Yet here you stand, Wizard.'

Quick Ben bowed again. 'I would strike a deal, Lord.' " (GotM, Kindle e-book, CDN, location 6809)

And then a little later in an interchange with Kalam:


"'He realized who I was just as I left.' Quick Ben's grin broadened. 'You should have heard him scream.'

'Well, are you surprised? How many High Priests burn the robes of their vestment?'" (GotM, Kindle e-book, CDN, location 6908)


His body holds 12 souls


  • Kebharla, she was more a scholar than a mage - (  MoI, p.356)






  • Set'alahd Crool, a Jhag half blood who'd once driven Dassem Ultor back half a dozen steps in furious counter attack, his sword shining with the blessing of some unknown ascendant.



  • Birith'erah, mage of the Serc warren who could pull storms down from the sky



  2 further bodies (unnamed)


"The Malazan Empire had invaded. Foreign ships had blockaded Ehrlitan's harbour. The cult of Rashan was spared the purges of the new harsh masters of Seven Cities...The cult's destruction was sudden, unexpected and had come from within...A High Priest from another city was visiting...Delat...had come to destroy Rashan. Delat, who, it proved, was both a High Priest and a Bridgeburner, and whatever the Emperor's reason for annihilating the cult, his was the hand that delivered the death-blow." - (HoC, UK, mmpb, pg. 388-389.)

 Power and Warrens


"I have no hold over him these days, alas. Why? He is too powerful. Too mysterious. Too conniving. Too Hood-damned smart. Indeed, even Shadowthrone has turned his attentions elsewhere."

- Cotillion on Quick Ben - (HoC, UK TPB, p.283)


"The power tricked from him with absolute control. He was her superior in the lore. He had opened a warren she didn't even recognize." - Tattersail - (GotM, UK mmpb, p.80)


"Quick Ben accessed his warrens - he could only manage seven at any one time though he possessed more." - (MoI, UK mmpb, p.87)


"'The tall one,' she said. 'He's a mage, isn't he?'

Whiskeyjack grunted, then said,' His name's Quick Ben.'

'Not the one he was born with.'


She rolled her shoulders against the weight of her cloak, momentarily easing the dull pain in her lower back. 'I should know him, Sergeant. That kind of power gets noticed. He's no novice.'

'No,' Whiskeyjack replied. 'He isn't.' - Tattersail talks to Whiskeyjack  - (GotM, UK mmpb p.57)


"'That sounds like Denul... But not quite,' she added slowly. 'He's twisted it somehow'.

Quick Ben had resumed his chaining words, this time over the object, which he now set beside Hairlock. She watched as enwreathing power enveloped the wrapped object, watching in growing apprehension as the mage traced his long fingers alongs the hide's seams. The energy trickled from him with absolute control. He was her superior in the lore. He had opened a Warren she didn't even recognise." - Tattersail observes the soul-shifting of Hairlock, performed by Quick Ben - (GotM, UK mmpb p.80)


The wizard voiced a long, elaborate string of curses in his Malazan tongue, then said,  “I could take to the air, drawing on Serc -- although how long I could manage that is anyone’s guess.”  (RG)

Consequences of the Battle with Icarium


Trul Sengar leaned on his spear.  “You came out of that magical journey, Quick Ben, wearing the grin of the condemned.  If indeed our destination is as fraught as it must be, I can understand your reluctance.  Also, having observed you for some time now, it is clear to me that your battle against Icarium has weakened you at some fundamental level -- perhaps you fear you will not be able to fashion a gate durable enough to permit the passage of all three of us?  If so --”

“Wait,”  the wizard interjected, silently cursing.  “All right, I am a little … fragile.  Ever since Icarium.  (RG)


Fragile.  Oh yes, there is that.  I poured too much through me trying to beat him back.  There’s only so much mortal flesh and bone can take.  The oldest rule of all, for Hood’s sake. (RG

General References


"...as he watched his two Seven Cities soldiers..." - referring to Quick Ben and Kalam Mekhar - (GotM, UK mmpb 56)

"The black man's expression was glacial, but she saw a flicker around his eyes. Looked like fear. - fear of Sorry. See Quick Ben's repulsing of Sorry. - (GotM, UK mmpb p.82)


"Quick Ben's not the expansive type, the bastard." - Kalam Mekhar - (DG, UK mmpb, p.471)


"Quick Ben's knowledge of the Holy Desert is, uh, vast." - Fiddler - (DG, UK mmpb, p.348)

"If it's that bad, why are you still here?"

 "Because Draconus changes everything, and I'm the only one who can stand against him."

 Bottle gaped, and then a thin word creaked out:  "You?"

"But don't think for a moment that I'm doing it for Shadowthrone and Cotillion.  And don't think I'm even doing this for the Adjunct.  All that time inside Dragnipur – it's changed him.  He was never so subtle before – imagine, a gentle invitation to converse – does he think we're idiots?  (DoD) 

 The Collected Works of




I am the House

imprisoning in my birth

demonic hearts,

so locked in each chamber

some trembling enraged


And these roots of stone

spread the deepest cracks

in parched ground

holding for ever the dream

of fruit, ah, pilgrims

come to my door

and starve . . .

Azath (ii.iii)

Adaephon (b.?)

(GotM, UK Trade, p.499)







See also Soletaken

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