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Small, monkey-like beasts that have astounding intellect. They are quite common, and are known to nest near the Tesem Temple of Shadow.





a squall of cliff-dwelling winged monkeys (common) (bhok'aral: singular)

DG, Glossary


"Bhok'aral. They are native to this land (Seven Cities).

DG, UK mmpb, p.139


"'Bhok'arala, they nest on this cliffside'...As the sun sank further, the bhok'arala grew bolder, flapping from perch to perch high on the cliff wall, scampering with their hands along cracks in the stone, seeking the rhizan as the small flying lizards emerged for their night feeding. Small and simian, the bhok'arala were winged like bats, tailless with hides mottled tan and brown. Apart from long canines, their faces were remarkably human."

DG, UK MMPB, p.112

'Bhok'arala seem to have originated in the wastes or Raraku. Before long, these social creatures spread outward and were soon seen throughout Seven Cities. As efficacious rat control in settlements, the bhok'arala were not only tolerated, but often encouraged. It was not long before a lively trade in domesticated breeds became a major export...

The usage and demonic investment of this species among mages and alchemists is a matter for discussion within treatises more specific than this one. Baruk's Three Hundred and Twenty-first Treatise offers a succinct analysis for interested scholars...

Denizens of Raraku

Imrygyn Tallobant

DG, UK MMPB, p.184


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