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Binadas Sengar

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Binadas Sengar


Name: Binadas Sengar



Race: Tiste Edur



Further Info:...


Third in age of the four Sengar brothers.



"A spear was strapped to his younger brother's back, a hide pack slung around one shoulder and resting against his hip; at the opposite side a single-edged longsword in a leather-wrapped wooden scabbard. Binadas was half a head taller than Trull, his visage as weathered as his buckskin clothes. Of Trull's three brothers, Binidas was the most remote, evasive and thus difficult to predict, much less understand. He resided in the village only infrequently, seeming to prefer the wilds of the western forest and the mountains to the south. He had rarely joined the others in raids, yet often when he returned he carried trophies of coup, and so none doubted his bravery."

MT, UK mmpb, p.39

"He was taller than Hull, shoulders level with the Letherii’s eyes. His hair was brown and bound in finger-length braids. Eyes the colour of wet sand. Skin like smeared ash. Youthful features, long and narrow barring the broad mouth."

MT, UK Trade, p.96

"Binadas was considered by most to be among the united tribes’ more formidable sorcerors."

MT, UK Trade, p.145


Year of the Late Frost
One year before the Letherii Seventh Closure
The Ascension of the Empty Hold
Binadas Sengar, is leaving the village of the Hiroth tribe, when he sees Trull Sengar come from the forest. Trull tells him he has spotted Letherii ships hunting seal off the coast, thus breaking the treaty. Binadas tells him he must hurry and that he is going on a hunt. Trull asks him when he will return, but Binadas shrugs. 


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