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Birrin Thund

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Birrin Thund


Name: Birrin Thund





Further Info:...


The Last Mortal Sword of Fener’s Reve was Fanald

of Cawn Vor, who was killed in the Chaining. The

last Boar-cloaked Destriant was Ipshank of Korelri,

who vanished during the Last Flight of Manask on

the Stratem Icefields. Another waited to claim that

title, but was cast out from the temple before it

came to him, and that man’s name has been stricken

from all records. It is known, however, that he was

from Unta; that he had begun his days as a cutpurse

living on its foul streets, and that his casting out

from the temple was marked by the singular

punishment of Fener’s Reve . . .


Temple Lives

Birrin Thund

MoI, UK Trade, p.392



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