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Name: Blend

Pseudonyms: None

Age: Unknown

Race: Human (Malazan)

Appearance: Unremarkable

Further Info: A member of the Bridgeburners. Retired to Darujhistan after the Pannion Domin campaign. Picker's lover.



"The lass buys a worthless piece of stone from a Gral swindler and suddenly she’s invisible. Raw but pure talent, right in her bones, and she doesn’t even know it." - thoughts of Quick Ben

MoI, UK TPB, p.772


"Damn Blend and her addiction to Rhivi flatbread!" -thoughts of Picker

TtH, US TPB, p.29


"Blend was sitting in the place she sat in whenever she smelled trouble. A small table in shadows right beside the door, doing her blending thing..." -thoughts of Picker

TtH, US TPB, p.35


"Barathol saw the Malazan threading her way to where they [Barathol, Scillara, and Chaur] now sat. By hue of skin, by cast of features, by any obvious measure one might find, there was nothing that differentiated the woman from any local Daru or Gadrobi, yet he knew, instantly. A Malazan, and a veteran. A damned marine." -thoughts of Barathol Mekhar

TtH, US TPB, p.146


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