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Blind Gallan

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Blind Gallan


Name: Blind Gallan





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The Collected Works of


The Conspiracy



There’s a spider here

in this corner in that –

her three eyes

tiptoe in darkness,

her eight legs

track my spine,

she mirrors and mocks

my pacing.


There’s a spider here

who knows all of me

her web my history full writ.

Somewhere in this strange place

a spider waits

for my panicked flight . . .


The Conspiracy

Blind Gallan (b.1078)

GotM, UK Trade, p.299

This blue city

hides under its cloak

a hidden hand

that holds like stone

a blade envenomed

by the eight limbed Paralt –

the sting brings death

in the span of grief

that marks a final breath –

so this hand defies

sorcery’s web

and trembles the gossamer strand

of a spider’s deadly threat.

This hand beneath

the blue city’s cloak

drives home Power’s

gentle balance.


The Conspiracy

Blind Gallan (b.1078)

GotM, UK Trade, p.391



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