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Name: Bluepearl

Pseudonyms: None

Age: Unknown

Race: human, Napan

Appearance: Blue-skinned, pigeon-toed

Warren: Ruse

Further Info: A member of the Bridgeburners. Retired to Darujhistan after the Pannion Domin campaign.


Bluepearl (Bridgeburner mage)

MoI, Dramatis Personae


"Bluepearl was a pigeon-toed Napan who shaved his head and pretended to airs of vast knowledge concerning the Warren of Ruse"

MoI, UK TPB, p.736


"Two hands closed round his head. One clamped tight over his mouth, and all at once his lungs were full of water. He was drowning. The hand tightened, fingers pinching his nostrils shut. Darkness rose within him, and the world slowly went away.
...'See the way I made the the puke spray out? If that ain't genius I don't know what-'"
- Bluepearl killing Giddyn the Quick
TtH, US TPB, p.33
"'No more questions tonight. That Mockra's chewed everything in my skull to pulp. I hate Mockra.'"
- Bluepearl
TtH, US TPB, p.42
"'I ain't drinkin' from nothing I didn't buy myself,' Antsy said. 'We shoulda brought Bluepearl, he could've sniffed out whatever. ...'"
- Antsy
TtH, US TPB, p. 148

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