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Bonecasters, the shamans of the T'lan Imass, are clothed in the furs or feathers of the animals that are their Soletaken forms.


List of Known Bonecasters



Kilava Onas, renegade, Black Panther
Ay Estos, Arctic Wolf (maybe wolves?)
Olar Ethil, Dragon
Hentos Ilm, "bedecked in the oily, ragged feathers of colourful birds"
Tem Benasto
Ulpan Nodost
Tenag Ilbaie, renegade, Ban Raile's Clan, Tenag
Absin Tholai


Pran Chole, Cannig Tol's clan, Arctic Fox
Bek Okhan, Black Panther
Bendal Home, White Wolf
Okral Lom, Plains Bear
Agkor Choom
Ranag Ilm
Brold Chood


none surviving


none surviving



Til'Aras Benok, Bear (deceased)

Gr'istanas Ish'ilm, Bear (deceased)




Brolos Haran, Emlava

Ulag Togtil - a half breed born of the first Trell tribes

Ilm Absinos, Enk'aral



Bonecasters of the 2nd Ritual




Lid Ger, (Sourstone )brold (white-furred bear of the ice and snows)

Lera Epar, (Bitterspring) brold (white-furred bear of the ice and snows) 

Nom Kala, (Knife Drip)  brold (white-furred bear of the ice and snows)




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