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Brathos of Black Coral

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Brathos of Black Coral


Name: Brathos

Pseudonyms: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Race: Unknown

Appearance: Unknown

Further Info: Author of Hunting Words



This creature of words cuts

To the quick and gasp, dart away

The spray of red rain

Beneath a clear blue sky

Shock at all that is revealed

What use now this armour

When words so easy slant between?


This god of promises laughs

At the wrong things, wrongly timed

Unmaking all these sacrifices

In deliberate malice

Recoil like a soldier routed

Even as retreat is denied

Before corpses heaped high in walls


You knew this would come

At last and feign nothing, no surprise

To find this cup filled

With someone else's pain

It's never as bad as it seems

The taste sweeter than expected

When you squat in a fool's dream


So take this belligerence

Where you will, the dogged cur

Is the charge of my soul

To the centre of the street

Spinning round all fangs bared

Snapping at thirsty spears

Thrust cold and purged of you hands


Hunting Words

Brathos of Black Coral

TtH, US TPB, p.26


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