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Avowed and once Commander of the Fourth Company in the Crimson Guard


The Fourth Company was involved on Assail in a conflict which decimated them and scattered the survivors, the fate of Cal-Brinn is not known at the time.



"Iron Bars, Second Blade, Fourth Company, Crimson Guard. Was in the service of Commander Cal-Brinn before we was all scattered between here and Hood’s gates." (MT, UK TPB, p.441)


"Just someone a long way from home, like I said. We clawed our way out of Assail, only to find ourselves here (...)"  

- Iron Bars (MT, UK TPB, p.441)


"And worst of all, he was worried: would further men then be sent to investigate that end? Cal's last instructions argued flat against that. And Bars agreed." (RotCG, US mmpb, p.401)



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