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Caladan Brood

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Caladan Brood


Name: Caladan Brood

Pseudonyms: The Warlord

Age: unknown- more than 300,000 years

Race: Azathanai

Appearance: Mixed blood Barghast

Warrens: High Denul and (High?) D'riss, Tennes

Further info: Carries Burn's hammer


Caladan Brood, the warlord, opposing the Malazan armies in the North Campaign

GotM, Dramatis Personae


Caladan Brood, warlord of liberation army on Genabackis
MoI, Dramatis Personae
The Warlord: the name for Caladan Brood

GotM, Glossary



Brood takes the appearance of a mixed blood Barghast on Wu during the modern ages (i.e. when we encounter him during the Malazan Book of the Fallen). His appearance is described as similarl in Forge of Darkness (circa 300,000 years before Burn's Sleep).


'There was Barghast blood in Caladan Brood, reflected in his tall, hulking form and his wide, flat face; and something else besides, something not quite human. The man was huge, well matched to the iron hammer strapped to his back.

MoI, UK mmpb, p.111

'He’s human – some say with Barghast blood'
GotM, UK Trade, p.53
"'He is not Tiste Andii, Hairlock. He's human - some say with Barghast blood, but none the less he shares nothing of Elder blood, or its ways.'"

- words of Tayschrenn

GotM, UK mmpb p.71

'Whatever thoughts the warlord possessed remained hidden behind the flat, bestial mask that was his face.'

MoI, UK Trade, p.86


'a hairless eyebrow...Brood bared his filed teeth...'

GotM, UK Trade, p.247


"'...and whoever this Caladan Brood is, he's shown himself adept at making us pay for our mistakes.' Dujek speaks

'Caladan Brood,' Calot muttered. 'I swear I've heard that name somewhere before. Odd that I've never given it much thought.'

Tattersail's eyes narrowed on Tayschrenn. Calot was right: the name of the man commanding the Tiste Andii alongside the Crimson Guard did sound familiar - but in an old way, echoing ancient legends, perhaps, or some epic poem."

GotM, UK mmpb p.68


"Tattersail stared at Dujek's pale, still face. 'The poem,' she said quietly, 'I remember now.

'Caladan Brood, the menhired one,

winter-bearing, barrowed and sorrowless...'

Calot picked up the next lines.

'...in a tomb bereaved of words,

and in his hands that have crushed anvils-'

Tattersail continued,

'the hammer of his song -

he lives asleep, so give silent warning

to all - wake him not.

Wake him not.'

Everyone in the compartment was staring at Tattersail now as her last words fell away. 'He's awake, it seems,' she said, her mouth dry. '"Anomandaris", the epic poem by Fisher kel Tath.'

'The poems not about Caladan Brood,' Dujek said, frowning.

'No,' she agreed. 'It's mostly about his companion.'"

GotM, UK mmpb p.70


'An enormous iron hammer was slung across his broad back; despite its size and evident weight, it looked almost toy-like against that span of muscle and bone. Power rolled from him in musky waves'

GotM, UK Trade, p.245-6


'Brood was not one to overreact'

- Crone

GotM, UK Trade, p.251


Brood’s an ascendant – one forgets that, in careless times. His warren is Tennes – the power of the land itself, the earth that is home to the eternal sleeping goddess, Burn. Caladan Brood has the power – there in his arms and in that formidable hammer on his back – to shatter mountains. An exaggeration? A low flight over the broken peaks east of the Laederon Plateau is proof enough of his younger, more precipitous days . . .

- Crone's thoughts on Brood

MoI, UK Trade, p.86


'I’ve read of his (Brood's) times up around Laederon, in the Nathilog Histories. Hood’s breath, you don’t want to get him riled – whether you’re an ally or an enemy makes no difference to Brood when his rage is unleashed. At least with Anomander Rake, it’s a cold, taut power. Not so with the warlord. That hammer of his . . . it’s said that it’s the only thing that can awaken Burn. Swing it against the ground, hard enough, and the goddess will open her eyes. And the truth is, if Brood didn’t have the strength to do so, he wouldn’t be carrying the hammer in the first place.’

- Dujek Onearm on Brood

MoI, UK Trade, p.136-7


Rath'Burn: 'You are the one who was gifted the hammer, the focus of Burn’s power. To you was entrusted the task of awakening her at the time of her greatest need—’

Caladan Brood: 'And so destroy every civilization on this world, aye...'

Rath'Burn: '...If Brood does not act, Burn will die! And when she dies, so too does all life on this world! That is the choice, you fool! Topple a handful of corrupt civilizations or absolute annihilation...'

Caladan Brood: 'The difference between you and your goddess, woman, is faith. A simple thing, after all. You see only two options open to me. Indeed, so did the Sleeping Goddess, at first. She gave to me the weapon, and gave to me the freedom to choose. It has taken a long while for me to understand what else she gave to me. I have withheld acting, withheld making that choice, and thought myself a coward. Perhaps I still am, yet a small measure of wisdom has finally lodged itself in my head—’

K'rul: 'Burn’s faith...That you would find a third choice.’

Caladan Brood: 'Aye. Her faith.'

MoI, UK Trade, p.636-8


‘Caladan Brood, the menhired one,

winter-bearing, barrowed and sorrowless . . .

in a tomb bereaved of words,

and in his hands that have crushed anvils—

the hammer of his song –

he lives asleep, so give silent warning

to all – wake him not.

Wake him not.’

-from Anomandaris, the epic poem by Fisher kel Tath.

GotM, UK Trade, p.52-3


'the banners of the Catlin Horse, green and silver to mark the mercenary contingent of Caladan Brood’s main army. By far the greatest proportion of soldiers, however, were Tiste AndiiAnomander Rake’s people, dwellers of the city within Moon’s Spawn'

GotM, UK Trade, p.245




As far as we know, Caladan Brood originated as one of the Azathanai in a realm neighbouring the Tiste Andii kingdom. He was a mason, and carved the hearthstone for Andarist's home in Kurald Galain.


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