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Psychedelic honey


"Oh, this honey, it's Carelbarra.  The God Bringer.  Oh..."

BH pb, p. 416



...the tall urns were sealed, capped in iron, the edges and level tops of the metal intricately incised with swirling patterns.  The ceramic beneath was smooth to the touch, finely glazed.... Grasping the rim of one urn's iron cap, he strained to pull it loose.  The seal was tight, his efforts eliciting nothing.  He twisted the rim to the right -- nothing -- then to the left.  A grating sound.  He twisted harder.  The cap slid, pulled loose from its seal.  Crumbled wax fell away....

"If I'm right, Cuttle, this iron work is Jaghut."


"But the urns are First Empire.  Feel the sides.  Smooth as an eggshell -- if we had light enough I'd wager anything they're sky blue."

BH pb, p. 412-14




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