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Challice D'Arle

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Challice D'Arle


  Name: Challice D'Arle

  Pseudonyms: Challice Vidikas

  Age: Late teens, early twenties

  Race: Human (Daru)

  Appearance: ...

  Further Info: A member of the House of D'Arle in Darujhistan. Later married into House Vidikas.



Challice D'Arle, his (Estraysian D'Arle) daughter

GotM, Dramatis Personae


"The D'Arle estate was a popular topic among the higher circles of Darujhistan nobility, specifically for the eligibility of the family's youngest daughter."

GotM, US HC, p.138


"Top floor most assuredly for the youngest and fairest daughter of the D'Arle's."

GotM, US HC, p.139


"This night, Lady Vidikas had seen her future. Each and every year of it. There on her husband's [Gorlas Vidikas] hard arm. And the moon, well, it looked like a thing of the past, a memory dimmed by time, yet it had taken her back.

...Lady Vidikas, who had once been Challice Estraysian, had just seen her future. And was discovering, here in this night and standing against this rail, that the past was a better place to be."

TtH, US TPB, p.29


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