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Name: -- Cord

Pseudonyms: --

Age: --

Race: -- Human (Seven Cities?)

Appearance: -- See below

Warrens: --

Further Info: -- Cord was introduced as a Sergeant in the second company of Ashok Regiment until Y'Ghatan after which he joined The Bonehunters.




Sergeant Cord, 2nd Company, Ashok Regiment

HoC, Dramatis Personae (UK, mmpb)


Sergeant Cord was part of the Malazan group responsible for the attempt to transport Karsa Orlong to the Otataral Mines at the beginning of HoC.


" 'Which is why this bastard is now under arrest, and he'll likely be sentenced to the usual punishment: the otataral mines of my dear old homeland.' Cord moved to settle beside Karsa once more."

HoC, pg 159 (UK, mmpb)


The above quote implies that Cord is originally from Seven Cities.


Cord and his squad later joined Adjunct Tavore's Company, sebsequently becoming a member of The Bonehunters after surviving the journey underneath the ruins of Y'Ghatan.




"Figures closed in around Karsa, one crouching down near his head. A dark-skinned, scarred face beneath a bald, tattoo-stitched pate. The man's smile was a row of gleaming gold."

HoC pg 158 (UK, mmpb)



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