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Corlo Orothos


Race: Human, of Quon Tali 

Warren: Mockra 

Further Info:  A High Mage of The Crimson Guard



"Ahead, crouched at the dead end of an alley, six figures. Two women, four men. All in crimson surcoats. (...) One, more lightly armored than the others and holding what looked to be some sort of diadem in his left hand, stepped forward."

MT, US Kindle, Ch. 16


"(...) the lone High Mage of the Crimson Guard present in this fell city, Corlo Orothos, once of Unta in the days before the empire (...)"

MT, UK TPB, p.651


"(...) 'I'm doing all I can, but it's no easy thing to confuse gods.'"

MT, UK TPB, p.651


"The High Mage was exhausted, used up. No longer could he deftly manipulate the four remaining gods, (...)"

MT, UK TPB, p.661



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