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Name: D'rek

Pseudonyms: The Worm of Autumn

Further Info:... D'rek, the Worm of Autumn (sometimes the Queen of Disease, see Poliel - (GotM, Glossary)


D'rek, worshipped as either male or female - (BH, UK, Tpb, glossary)


Known Priests - Banaschar and Tayschrenn


'Kartool's patron goddess.' - (BH, UK Tpb, p.3)

All of this was before the Malazan conquest, of course.  The emperor’s principal target had been the cult of D’rek.  He’d well understood that the heart of Kartool’s power was the Grand Temple, and the island’s master sorcerers were the priests  and priestesses of D’rek, ruled over by the Demidrek.  Further, it was no accident that the night of slaughter that preceded the naval battle and the subsequent invasion, a night led by the infamous Dancer and Surly, Mistress of the Claws, had so thoroughly obliterated the cult’s sorcerers, including the Demidrek.  For the archpriest of the Grand Temple had only recently gained his eminence via an internal coup, and the ousted rival had been none other than Tayschrenn, the emperor’s new -- at the time -- High Mage. - (BH, UK Tpb, p.3)



“They prayed but did not ask, nor beseech, nor plead,”  Pearl said.  “Their prayers were a demand.  The betrayal … was theirs, wasn’t it?”  The Claw sat forward.  “Banaschar.  Are you telling me that D’rek killed them all?  Her entire priesthood?  They betrayed her!  In what way?  What did they demand?

“There is war,”  he said in a dull voice.

“Yes.  War among the gods, yes -- gods below -- those worshippers chose the wrong side!”

“She heard them,”  Banaschar said, forcing the words out.  “she heard them choose.  The Crippled God.  And the power they demanded, was the power of blood.  Well, she decided, if they so lusted for blood … she would give them all they wanted.”  His voice dropped to a whisper.  “All they wanted.” - (BH)


“The Cult of the Worm is ancient, Pearl.  Even we cannot determine just how old.  There is mention of a goddess, the Matron of Decay, the Mistress of Worms -- a half-dozen titles -- in Gothos’ Folly -- in the fragments possessed by the temple.  Or at least, once in the temple’s possession -- those scrolls disappeared --”


 Banschar managed a bitter smile.  “Since the night of Tayschrenn’s flight from the Grand Temple in Kartool.  - (BH)



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