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A House of the Azath in Malaz City. Used as a base of operations by Kellanved and Dancer. It's current guardian is Gothos.


"Most people did their best to ignore such Houses - the denizens of Malaz City seemed to nurture an almost deliberate ignorance. 'Just an abandoned house, they say. Nothing special, except maybe a few spooks in the yard. But there's a skittish look in the eyes of some of them."

- Fiddler discussing the Deadhouse.

DG, UK MMPB, p.452


"Opposite the Hanged Man, across the wet cobbles, hunched a the low stone wall of what was reportedly the oldest building in the city. It was an abandoned stone house, too far gone to repair. (...) another local superstition: that the house predated the town, and that its ruined walls and abandoned rooms had always been haunted.

Rumour also held that it was were Kellanved and Dancer, along with others including Dassem and the current Regent, Surly, had lived and plotted everything that followed. Eyeing it now , on a dark wet night, with the black limbs of dead trees outlined around it, and the bare and tumulus-looking grounds, it did appear sinister...they called it the Deadhouse."

NoK, UK mmpb, p.77


"...they entered the main chamber. The flames of the stone fireplace seemed to be burning without fuel, and a strange blackness around its edges revealed it as a small portal, opened onto a warren of ceaseless fire."

DG, UK mmpb, p.898


The Azath

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