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Denul, The Path of Healing


The Warren associated with healing, both of body and spirit. Users are found commonly amongst the Malazan ranks, however High Denul users are rare, Caladan Brood being one of them.


‘Healing should never be separated between the flesh and the sense of the flesh. It’s hard to explain. The Denul Warrens involve every aspect of healing, since damage, when it occurs, does so on all levels. Shock is the scar that bridges the gap between the body and the mind.’


- Mallet

GotM, UK Trade, p.113, US HC, p.121

'Denul healers often described diseases as waging war, with the flesh as the battleground, which their warren gave them sight to see.'


DG, UK MMPB, p.317

'Find the path, dammit! The mending way, the vein of order...


- Mallet's thoughts when healing Trotts

MoI, UK Trade, p.350


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