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Name: Detoran



Race: human, Napan


Warren: N/A

Further Info: A member of the Bridgeburners.


Detoran, soldier, 7th Squad

MoI, Dramatis Personae


"Among [the Bridgeburners], names had emerged. The survivors, mostly squad sergeants, names that pushed their way into the Malazan armies on Genabackis, and beyond. Names, spicing the already sweeping legend of Onearm’s Host. Detoran, Antsy, Spindle, Whiskeyjack. Names heavy with glory and bitter with the cynicism that every army feeds on."

GotM, UK mmpb, p.56, UK TPB, p.42


"A huge, dark-skinned figure emerged from the gloom, her weapons and armour softly clinking...'I've yet to meed a Napan who knows the meaning of respect, and Detoran's no exception.'"

MoI, UK mmpb, p.99


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