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Dujek Onearm

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Dujek Onearm


Name: Dujek Onearm


Age: 79

Race: human,

Appearance: thin, average height

Warren: N/A

Further Info: A High Fist, he once served under Whiskeyjack


Dujek Onearm, High Fist, Malazan Armies, Genabackis Campaign

GotM, Dramatis Personae


Dujek Onearm, commander of renegade Malazan army
MoI, Dramatis Personae
"High Fist Dujek Onearm entered, the soap of his morning shave still clotting the hair in his ears, the smell of cinnamon water wafting after him.

Over the years, Tattersail had come to attach much to that aroma. Security, stability, sanity. Dujek Onearm represented all those things, and not just to her but to the army that fought for him. As he stopped now in the centre of the room and surveyed the three mages, she leaned back slightly and, from under heavy lids, studied the High Fist. Three years of enforced passivity in this siege seemed to have acted like a tonic on the ageing man. He looked more like fifty rather than his seventy-nine years. His grey eyes remained sharp and unyielding in his tanned, lean face. He stood straight, which made him seem much taller than his five and a half feet, wearing simple, unadorned leather, stained as much by sweat as by the Imperial magenta dye. The stump of his left arm, just below the shoulder, was wrapped in leather strips. His hairy chalk-white calves were visible between the sharkskin straps of the Napan sandals." (GotM, UK Trade p.49, UK mmpb, p.65)


"The one-armed man was older than she had expected, however, and he sat in his saddle of is roan gelding as would a man pained with old aches and stiff bones. He was thin, of average height, wearing plain armour and an undecorated standard-issue shortsword strapped to his belt. His narrow, hatchet face was beardless, displaying a lifetime of battle scars. He wore no helmet, the only indication of rank being his long grey cape and its silver-wrought fastening." (MoI, UK mmpb, p.109-110)
"Dujek grunted - as close as he ever got to laughing." (GotM, UK mmpb p.65)


"Tattersail sighed. Old Onearm's way with words. She swung a look on the man. She knew him well, not as a friend - Dujek didn't make friends - but as the best military mind left in the Empire. If, as Hairlock had just implied, the High Fist was being betrayed by someone, somewhere, and if Tayschrenn was part of it...we're a bent bough, Calot had once said of Onearm's Host, and beware the Empire when it breaks. Seven Cities soldiery, the closeted ghosts of the conquered but unconquerable..."

- thoughts of Tattersail (GotM, UK Trade p.52, UK mmpb p.69)


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