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Name: Dunsparrow


Age: mid-20s

Race: human

Appearance:  Solid features, sun-darkened, light grey eyes. Twenty five years of age, perhaps. The glint of a chain vest was just visible beneath her plain telaba.' (BH UKTpb. p.148)

Further Info: Whiskyjack's sister.


Fiddler: "Gods, I once tossed her on my knee." ...  Dunsparrow .. she’d be in her twenties now.  Middle twenties, I suppose.  What was she doing in Y’Ghatan? - (BH, p. 637)

Quick Ben to Fiddler : We knew she was a stubborn, wild little demon, we knew that, even then -- and you knew her better than us, me and Kalam, we only met her once, in Malaz City.  But you, you were like her uncle, which means you got some explaining to do!”

“All right.  She was born to a dead woman -- Whiskeyjack’s stepmother, she died that morning, and the baby -- Dunsparrow -- well, she was long in coming out, she should have died inside, if you know what I mean.  That’s why the town elders gave her up to the temple, to Hood’s own.  The father was already dead, killed outside Quon, and Whiskeyjack, well, he was finishing his ‘prenticeship.  We was young then.  So me and him, we had to break in and steal her back, but she’d already been consecrated, blessed in Hood’s name -- so we took its power away by talking about it, ha ha, making light and all that, and she grew up normal enough.  More or less.  Sort of….”  


A Malazan, once captain to Falah'd Vedor of Y'Ghatan


'I was born on Quon Tali..' (BH UKTpb, p.189)


T'riss : 'Did you know you were marked? No, I gather you did not - you were but newborn when sanctified, after all. And then stolen away, from the temple, by your brother. Hood never forgave him for that, and took in the end a most satisfying vengeance..' (BH UTpb, p.495)


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