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   Name: Edgewalker

   Pseudonyms: unknown

   Age: unknown, likely very old

   Race: unknown, humanoid in appearance

   Appearance: skeletal dressed in rags and bits of armor

   Further Info: an avatar of Shadow


"Elder inhabitant of the Shadow Realm." - NoK, UK mmpb, Dramatis Personae


"...you were here long before the ones I slew to take the Throne." - Jhedel to Edgewalker - NoK, UK HC, p.10


"We first met him... the night we ascended.  The night we made passage into the realm of Shadow.  He made my spine crawl right then, and it's been crawling ever since." - Cotillion to Apsalar - NoK, UK HC, p.9


"I am called Edgewalker. I walk the borders of Kurald Emurlahn. What you call Shadow." - NoK, UK HC, p.82


"The Hounds and I are akin. Slaves to Shadow in our own ways." - NoK, UK HC, p.84


"Or rather, it was a corpse. Desiccated flesh, empty eye sockets, grinning yellowed teeth. Rags of clothing hung from its angular frame - what was once a thick layered cloak over age-worn leather and bronze armour. The hilt of a sword in a corroded scabbard jutted behind one shoulder." - NoK, UK mmpb, p.142


"...he felt a presence at his side and turned to see a tall, skeletal creature, bedecked in rags, walking to match his pace." - Cotillion - BH, UK TPB, p.47


"A figure hitched a slow cripple's limp across the plain...its twisted right leg gouging the sand with every step.'

'It wore the tattered remains of what might once have been thick cloth over armor of leather and scale. It's naked arms were dessicated and cured to little more than leather-clad bones. Within a bronze and verdigrised helm, its face disclosed only empty pits, nose a gaping cavern, lips dried and withdrawn from caried teeth. A rust-bitten sword hung on its back." - BH, pb, p.129   


"Yes, I know... you walk paths unseen..." - Cotillion - BH, UK TPB, p.47


"Approaching with a hitched gait was a tall figure, so desiccated that its limbs seemed little more than tree roots, its face naught but rotted, weathered skin stretched over bone. Long grey hair drifted out unbound from the pallid, peeling scalp." - TtH, US TPB, p.18


"Neither one seemed to take note of their audience as the hooded one said, 'Edgewalker.'

'You have called me here,' said the one named Edgewalker, 'to...mitigate.'

'I have.'

'This has been a long time in coming.'

'You might think that way, Edgewalker.'

The grey-haired man - who was clearly long dead - cocked his head and asked, 'Why now?'

The hooded figure turned slightly, and the woman thought he might be looking down on the dead dog. 'Disgust,' he replied. -Edgewalker and Hood - TtH, US TPB, p. 19


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