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Note this FAQ section is a continuous work in progress, feel free to post in the comments section with questions you believe should be added, and contribute answers to those which have yet to be completed.


Note about spoilers:


In the below FAQ's, two spoiler policies are followed.


FAQ's for a particular book will openly discuss the plot up to and including that book, and any later material needed to answer a question will be placed behind spoiler warnings of one kind or another. For example, if you have only read up to Memories of Ice and you wish to see the FAQ's for that book, you can do so without exposure to spoilers from House of Chains onwards.


The same care is not taken in the General FAQ's, which draw information freely from across the series. If you are not yet up to date with all books currently released, then you read this section at your own risk










Forum Operation FAQ's




Please note that the answers to the below questions contain many spoilers, and that they are not as rigorously marked or hidden in this section as they are in the book-specific FAQ's.

What are the Azath?

What is ascension?

What is the difference between Ascension and Godhood?

Is Hood a Jaghut?

Who is Ameron?

What are the warrens?

Is there a link between the Deragoth and the Hounds of Shadow?

What are Soletaken?

What are D'ivers?

Who is Dessimbelackis?

Is Dessembrae actually Dassem Ultor, and is there a link to Dessimbelackis?

Do you have to be an Ascendant to have a position in the Deck of Dragons?

Where are all the continents in relation to each other?

Why does my head hurt whenever I try to figure out the timeline?

What’s going on with the mules?

Where can I find a map of the Malazan world?

Does the Malaz planet have a name?

What is a GotMism?

Who is Steven Erikson?

Who is Ian Cameron Esslemont?

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Individual Book FAQ's





Who was Circle Breaker?

Who was the Eel?

Who did Hood take in Paran’s place when he was resurrected?

What happened to Rallick Nom & Vorcan?

What was going on with the Azath? - see What are the Azath? (warning: spoilers for rest of series).

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Are the two Pearls (Imperial Demon, Master Claw) connected?

Has Coltaine ascended?

Will Coltaine return?

What was going on with Duiker, the amulet from Quick Ben and the demons at the end of DhG?

Who is Captain?

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Why does Orfantal apparently change sex between GotM and MoI?

Will Whiskeyjack return?

What happened to Lorn's Otataral Sword?

Who is the Knight of Death?

What really happened during the assault on Moon's Spawn at Pale?

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Who is Cotillion's daughter?

Who is L'oric's mother?

Who is Keeper?

Who is Traveller?

What is the Otataral Dragon?

What happened between Karsa and Aramala the Jaghut?

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Is Sandalath Drukorlat Korlat's mother?

Why do people believe that Kettle is the child of Trull and the Eres?

What is the relationship between the holds and the warrens?

What is the relationship between the Tiles of the Holds and the Deck of Dragons?

Where is Scabandari Bloodeye now?

What was Rhulad's sword made from?

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Who is Kellanved's child?

What is Kurald Liosan?

Who is the Eres'al?

What did Hood ask Paran for?

What happened to Heboric?

Who is Ardata?

What happened to Monok Ochem?

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How did Quick Ben become so powerful?

How was Silchas Ruin so easily beaten?

How did Udinaas' party take so long to get to the Refugium?

What is the Refugium?

What deal did Shadowthrone, Hood and Menandore make?

What did the Errant do to the Tiles?

Why did the Adjunct burn the transport ships?

What was going on with Redmask?

Who did those canoes in the prologue belong to?

Where did the Barghast come from?

What happened to Toc's eye?

What happened to Telorast & Curdle?

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Why did the Solder and Knight of Death switch places?

Who were the dead priest and woman in the prologue?

What's up with the Hounds of Light?

What happened to Humble Measure's storyline?

Is Fisher an ascendant?

Was Tulas Shorn the original ruler of Shadow?

What did Silanah do and where is she now?

What is Hood's next move?

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Forum Operation FAQ's


Who is patch, pallor, kallor, and why is he so evil?

Who is ICE\Ian Cameron Esselemont?

What should I do if I can’t find the answer to my question here?

How do I use the search function?

How do I use the spoiler tags?

How do I (some other forum function)?

What does (abbreviation) stand for?

Who is in charge on these forums?

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