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Felisin Paran

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Felisin Paran


Name: Felisin Paran of House Paran

Pseudonyms: Sha'ik, Sha'ik Reborn

Age: mid-teens

Race: human, Untan, Malazan


Warren: none

Further Info: youngest of the Paran children. Sister to Ganoes & Tavore. Exiled to Otataral Isle. Escapes, becomes Sha'ik Reborn and leads the Whirlwind Rebellion





Felisin, Ganoes' youngest sister - (GotM, Dramatis Personae


"'Felisin? She's too soft for this world, brother. For any world, I think. She's not changed. She'll be happy to see you.'" - Tavore to Ganoes - (GotM, UK mmpb, p.50)


The mage squinted at her. ‘Those pocks on your face are fading.’ This time it was she who was startled. - ( DG UK Tpb, p.318)


‘It was too bitter to contemplate from the very start,’ Heboric was saying. ‘Throwing her younger sister into shackles like any other common victim. An example proclaiming her loyalty to the Empress—’

‘Not just hers,’ Felisin said. ‘House Paran. Our brother’s a renegade with Onearm on Genabackis. It made us . . . vulnerable.’

‘It all went wrong,’ Heboric said, staring at Baudin. ‘She wasn’t meant to stay long in Skullcup, was she?’ - (DG UK Tpb p. 319)







Collected Works


Felisin's Call to Shadow





"The Emperor is dead!

So too his right hand – now cold, now severed!

But mark these dying shadows,

twinned and flowing bloody and beaten,

down and away from mortal sight . . .

From sceptre’s rule dismissed,

from gild candelabra the light now fled,

from a hearth ringed in hard jewels,

seven years this warmth has bled . . .


The Emperor is dead.

So too his master’d companion, the rope cut clean.

But mark this burgeoning return –

faltering dark, the tattered shroud –

embracing children in Empire’s dying light.

Hear now the dirge faint reprised,

before the sun’s fall, this day spills red

on buckled earth, and in obsidian eyes

vengeance chimes seven times . . .


Call to Shadow (I.i. 1–18)

Felisin (b.1146)"

GotM, UK Trade p.xviii, UK mmpb p.xxi

"With the coming of the Moranth

the tide turned.

And like ships in a harbour

the Free Cities were swept under

Imperial seas.

The war entered its twelfth year,

the Year of the Shattered Moon

and its sudden spawn

of deathly rain and

black-winged promise.

Two cities remained to contest

the Malazan onslaught.

One stalwart, proud banners

beneath Dark’s powerful wing.

The other divided –

– without an army,

bereft of allies –

The strong city fell first.


Call to Shadow

Felisin (b.1146)"

GotM, UK Trade p.39, UK mmpb p.51

It was said

she turned the blade on herself then

to steal the magic

of life.


Call to Shadow (IX. ii)

Felisin (b.1146)

GotM, UK Trade, p.485

There are folds in this shadow . . .

hiding entire worlds.


Call to Shadow


HoC, UK Trade, p.186



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