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Name: Toben

Pseudonyms: the Fisherman


Race: human, Malaz


Warren: unknown

Further Info: A mage. Married.


"...he chanted a song that was old when men and women first set foot upon the island."


NoK, UK mmpb, p.94

"A mage of Malaz Island."


NoK, UK mmpb, Dramatis Personae

"Bronze torcs gleamed at his tanned wrists and the bulk of his wool sweater hid the strength of his arms. Overhead, the roiling clouds seemed to shudder with each sweep of his oars, and every flex of his broad back."


NoK, UK mmpb, p.137



The song


"'Was summer I went a rowin' with my glowing bride

We laughed and tarred 'mid the silken pools.

Prettier than the lily blossom is my love,

She moves with grace upon the sheen.

Her eyes are deeper than the sea,

Her heart is warmer than all the cold, cold, sea.'"


NoK, UK mmpb, p.138




"The fisherman, his back to against the thrashing wind, continued rowing as the berg entombing Rheni's Dream shattered and slid into the waves. He chanted on even as the prow of Rheni's Dream loomed over him. He was pulling the oars as the skiff was smashed to shards and the glowing brazier extinguished in an explosion of steam as it was driven beneath the waves."


NoK, UK mmpb, p.243




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