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Name: Gamet

Pseudonyms: none known

Age: an old man

Race: Malazan, human, unknown ethnicity

Appearance: an old soldier. Grey eyes.

Further Info: Guard in the Paran Household. Accompanies Tavore to Seven Cities, becomes a Fist in her army.



Gamet, House Guard and veteran


GotM, Dramatis Personae

"Paran found himself staring down at an unfamiliar face. The man was old, scarred and wearing much-mended chain-mail that ended raggedly around his knees. His pot-helm was uneven with hammered-out dents, yet polished bright.


The man eyed Paran up and down with watery grey eyes...


...'What is your name?'


'Gamet,' the guard answered...'In service to your father these past three years.'


'And before that, Gamet?'


'Not a question asked.'




'You're a veteran.'"


- Ganoes Paran meets Gamet

GotM, UK mmpb p.47-8



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