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Name: Hairlock



Race: human, then a puppet

Appearance: A short, balding man, a wooden puppet

Warren: unknown (while human), Chaos (while puppet)

Further Info: A Mage of the Malazan 2nd Army.


A Mage of the Malazan 2nd Army. He was slain during the Siege of Pale. He was soul-shifted by Quick Ben into a puppet, where he learned the Chaos Warren. He was slain yet again, this time by the Hounds of Shadow.


Hairlock, Cadre Mage, 2nd Army, an unpleasant rival of Tayschrenn


GotM, Dramatis Personae

"...and the short bald walking stump of a man, Hairlock."


NoK, UK mmpb, p.249

"The wizard Hairlock lay sprawled on the burnt armour, the pate of his shaved skull reflecting the dull sky. A wave of dorcery had destroyed him from the hips down. Pink, mud-spattered entrails billowed out from under his ribcage, webbed by drying fluids. A faint penumbra of sorcery revealed his efforts at staying alive."


GotM, UK mmpb p.53

"Tattersail scowled at the preternatural darkness enwreathing the chair. 'You're as bad as Tayschrenn, Hairlock. And be glad I didn't decide to sit in that chair.'


Dully, a row of yellow teeth appeared, then the rest of the mage took shape as Hairlock relinquished the spell. Beads of sweat marked the man’s flat, scarred brow and shaved pate – nothing unusual there: Hairlock would sweat in an ice-pit. He held his head at an angle, achieving in his expression something like smug detachment combined with contempt. He fixed his small dark eyes on Tattersail. 'You remember work, don't you?' His smile broadened, further flattening his mashed, misaligned nose."


GotM, UK Trade p.48, UK mmpb p.64

"Hairlock reached down and brushed a speck from his satin slippers, which had, improbably, escaped unmarred the muddy streets outside."


GotM, UK Trade p.48, UK mmpb p.64

"Hairlock had been with the Empire longer than she had – or Calot. He'd been among the sorcerers who'd fought against the Malazans in Seven Cities, before Aren fell and the Holy Falah'd were scattered, before he'd been given the choice of death or service to the new masters. He'd joined the 2nd’s cadre at Pan'potsun – like Dujek himself he’d been there, with the Emperor’s old guard, when the first vipers of usurpation had stirred, the day the Empire’s First Sword was betrayed and brutally murdered. Hairlock knew something. But what?"


- thoughts of Tattersail

GotM, UK Trade p.52, UK mmpb p.69

"Off to one side Hairlock waited, wrapped in the dark grey raincoat that was his battle attire - looking smug."


GotM, UK Trade p.54, UK mmpb p.72

"Madness glittered in his eyes."


GotM, UK mmpb p.74, UK Trade p.56

"Hairlock surrounded himself in his own mysterious source..."


- Pale Enfilade, the fighting begins.

GotM, UK mmpb p.75, UK Trade p.56

"She saw a wave sweep past Hairlock's defences, cutting him in half. His howl was more rage than pain..."


GotM, UK mmpb p.76



"Quick Ben passed a hand over the object and the web spread outward. The glittering black threads traced a chaotic pattern that insinuated Hairlock’s entire body, over flesh and through it, the pattern ever changing, the changes coming faster and faster. Hairlock jerked, his eyes bulging, then fell back. A breath escaped his lungs in a slow, steady hiss. When it ceased with a wet gurgle, he did not draw another."


- death of Hairlock's human form. See Soul-shifting for full account. (GotM, UK mmpb p.81)



"Quick Ben spoke. 'Hold onto it, Sorceress. Take it back to your tent and unwrap it there. Above all, don't let Tayschrenn see it.'"


- Tattersail is given Hairlock-the-doll.

GotM, UK mmpb p.82

"With a final glance at Hairlock's lifeless body - so brutally torn apart - and the lifeless stare of his eyes, she accepted the object. It felt light in her hands. What was within the hide cocoon was slight in size; parts of it moved and against her grip she felt knobs and shafts of something hard."


- Tattersail takes the doll

GotM, UK mmpb p.82







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