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Name: Halfdan





Further Info:...


An Avowed of the Crimson Guard


"'You crimson guardsmen- you're pretty sure of yourselves, aren't you?'

'When it comes to fighting, aye, lass, we are.'

'I watched Iron Bars fight in Trate . he's an exception I gather-'

'Aye, he is, but not among the Avowed. Jup Alat would've given him trouble. or Poll for that matter. Then there's those in the other companies. Halfdan, Blues, Black the Elder...'

'More of these Avowed?'



- Seren Pedac questions Corlo

MT, UK HC, p.515


Guardroom speculation and a braggarts tale (Larkin)


"(...) Halfdan jogged past. I knew him by his size--half indeed!" (...) "Once served under Skinner, they say,"


NoK, PSP THC p.23



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