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Hannan Mosag

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Hannan Mosag


Name: Hannan Mosag

Pseudonyms: Warlock King


Race: Tiste Edur


Warren: Chaos, Kurald Emurlahn

Further Info:...


Warlock King of the Six Tribes Confederacy MT, Dramatis Personae

Hannan Mosag, Imperial Ceda


RG, US HC, Dramatis Personae

Of average height and build, Hannan Mosag seemed unprepossessing at first glance. His features were even, a shade paler than most Edur, and there was a wide cast to his eyes that gave him a perpetually surprised look. The power, then, was not physical. It lay entirely in his voice. Rich and deep, it was a voice that demanded to be listened to without regard to volume.


MT, TB, p.26

'...Hannan Mosag's extraordinary mastery of those fragments of Kurald Emurlahn from which power could be drawn.'


MT, UK Trade, p. 27

'Hannan Mosag held as hostage the firstborn sons of the subjugated chiefs - his K'risnan Cadre'


MT, UK mmpb, p.39

'A more concerted stud of the Warlock King revealed another indication of his power. His shadow reared behind him, Huge, hulking. Long indistinct but deadly swords gripped in both gauntleted hands. Helmed, the shoulders angular with plates of armour. Hannan Mosag's shadow wraith bodyguard never slept.'


MT, UK mmpb, p.54

'Few warlocks were capable of conjuring such a creature when drawing from the life-force of their own shadows. Kurald Emurlahn flowed raw and brutal in that silent, ever-vigilant sentinel.'


MT, UK mmpb, p.54


Hannan Mosag's Vision


There is a spear of ice, newly thrust into the heart

of the land. The soul within it yearns to kill. He

who grasps that spear will know death. Again

and again, he shall know death.


MT TB, p.12


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