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Hanradi Khalag

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Hanradi Khalag


Name: Hanradi Khalag



Race: Merude Clan, Tiste Edur


Warren: Kurald Emurlahn

Further Info:...


Hanradi Khalag, a warlock of the Tiste Edur.


RG, US HC, Dramatis Personae

Chief of the Merude tribe of the Tiste Edur on the subcontinent of Lether before surrendering to the authority of Hannan Mosag


MT, UK Trade, p.27

'...a chief with more trophies at his belt than had been seen in generations...Chief Hanradi Khalag's skill with the spear far outweighed his capacity as a warlock...tales that persisted, that Hanradi no longer cast a shadow.'


MT, UK Trade, p.27

'No-one but Hannan Mosag and Hanradi Khalag knew the details of that final surrendering.'


MT UK mmpb,p.54

'Trull did not know what to make of the tales that persisted, that Hanradi no longer cast a shadow.'


MT UK mmpb, p. 55


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