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Hanut Orr

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Hanut Orr


Name: Hanut Orr

Pseudonyms: None

Age: Possibly late twenties, early thirties.

Race: Human (Daru)

Appearance: ...

Further Info: A member of the council in Darujhistan.



"Plaything to half the noble women in the city, so long as they were married or otherwise divested of maidenhood, he did indeed present that most enticing combination of dangerous charm and dominating arrogance - traits that seduced otherwise intelligent women -  and it was well known how he delighted in seeing his lovers crawl on their knees towards him, begging a morsel of his attention." -thoughts of Challice (TtH, US TPB, p.36)


"Three duelists, three hard men with hard voices in the council." -thoughts of Challice on Shardan Lim, Gorlas Vidikas, and Hanut Orr - (TtH, US TPB, p.37)


Killed by Gaz in TtH


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