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   Name: Hood

   Pseudonyms: Death Wanderer, the Hooded One, the Lord of Death, King of High House Death, Lord of the Slain

   Age: unknown, likely hundreds of thousands of years old

   Race: Jaghut 

   Appearance: tall, grey hooded frayed cloak 

   Further Info:




"...cloaked in frayed dark grey, hooded, of a height to match [Edgewalker]." - TtH, US TPB, p.18


Tall, swathed in rotting robes of muted green, brown, and black.  The face was hidden but the eyes were dull slits faintly lit in the midst of blackness, as was the smeared gleam of yellow tusks. - TtH, US mmpb, p.1093



Steven Erikson: "Hood's Realm - we'll see more it anon, unfortunately. It's a bloody wasteland, alas. What does that say about me? Not sure. Nothing good, I suspect." - Q and A with malazanempire No 1 (2003) 

Seguleh 2nd : 'Long before he was Lord of the Fallen, he was Jaghut.  Lords of the Last Stands, hah!  Sentinels of the Sundered Keeps.  Devourers of the Forlorn Hope – you, Elder, who stood time and again against the Tiste Andii, the Tiste Edur – you, who walked the ashes of Kharkanas itself, understand me.  The dour Tiste Andii and the suicidal Edur, they are as nothing to the miserable madness of the Jaghut!" (TtH)


"'I know you, now, Hood. I know who – what – you are. Delicious irony, the mirror of your face. Do you in turn, I now wonder, know me?’" -Gethol- MoI, UK TPB, p.252


"...the harbingers, the eaters of rotting flesh. It's the nectar of decay for them, the rose bloating under the sun." - DG, UK mmpb, p.286




"Nor was he known as a melodramatic god - the Lord of Death was reputed to be, if anything, ironically modest." - DG, UK mmpb, p.270


"Even the priests of Hood argue over the preferred manner in which to finally face their god" - DG, UK mmpb, p.308




"Had he been a religious man, [Whiskeyjack] would have let blood in Hood’s Bowl, calling upon the shades of his ancestors." - GotM, UK TPB, p.63


The Thirsting Hour


"The Thirsting Hour was coming to a close and the priest staggered in its wake, blind, deaf and silent. Honouring his god on this day, the servant of Hood, Lord of Death, had joined his companions in stripping naked and smearing himself in the blood of executed murderers, blood that was stored in giant amphorae lining the walls of the temple's nave. The brothers then moved in procession out onto the streets of [Unta] to greet the god's sprites, enjoining the mortal dance that marked the Season of Rot's last day." - DG, UK mmpb, p.23


Hood's Gate


"...an arched gateway leading to—Nothing...Twisted...the gate was not...made of stone. Bodies, naked human figures. The figures moved, groaned, slowly writhed in place. Flesh blackened, as if stained with peat, eyes closed and mouths open with faint, endless moans." - GotM, UK TPB, p.100


"It’s said there was a cult, once, in the habit of drowning victims in bogs... I imagine Hood finds them aesthetically pleasing." -Oponn - GotM, UK TPB, p.100




"'Ghastly? I suppose it is. A necropolis of sorts, Shadowthrone. A village of the discarded. Both timeless, and, yes, useless. Such places,' he continued, 'are ubiquitous.' Hood to Shadowthrone - TtH, US TPB, p.19




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