Hull Beddict

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Hull Beddict


Eldest of the three Beddict brothers


Almost as tall as an Edur. Swathed in the white fur of the north wolf, his long braided hair nearly as pale. The sun and high winds had darkened his visage to the hue of tanned hide. His eyes were bleached grey, and it seemed the man behind them was ever elsewhere.

(MT TB, p.44)


'Twelve years past, King Ezgra Diskanar charged his favourite Preda of the Guard, Hull Beddict, with the role of Sentinel. He was to journey to the north borders, then beyond. His task was to study the tribes who still dwelt wild in the mountains and high forests......' (MT UK mmpb, p.78)


'He returned the King's Reed long ago.' (MT UK mmpb, p.75)

'Brys remembered seeing his eldest brother, resplendent in the garb of Sentinel, the King's Reed at his belt;' (MT UK mmpb, p.94)


'His detailed reports of tribes such as the Nerek, and the Faread and the Tarthenal, had been pored over by minions of Chancellor Triban Gnol. Weaknesses had been prised from the descriptions. And then in a series of campaigns of subjugation, brutally exploited.' (MT UKmmpb, p.78)


'And to this day, the Nerek worshipped Hull Beddict.' (MT UK mmpb, p.79)


'.. and the scattered remnants of the Tarthenal, huge shambling and drunk in the pit towns outside the cities to the south, still bore the three bar tattoos beneath their left shoulders - a match to those on Hull's own back.' (MT UK mmpb, p.79)

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