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One of the four "Founding Races". Underwent a mass necromantic ritual, with almost the entire race becoming undead. Known as the T'lan Imass from then on.




"'- the Emperor had just been assassinated. Everything was chaotic. The T'lan Imass refused to acknowledge the new Empress, marched themselves off to the Jhag Odhan.'


'Rumour as it they're back, at half-strength - whatever they ran into out there wasn't pleasant.'"


- Calot & Tattersail discuss the actions of the T'lan Imass (GotM, UK mmpb p.73)



Scabandari Bloodeye (discussing who on the Malaz world has the power to oppose the Tiste) "'Imass? What can weapons of stone achieve against our iron?'" MT, UK HB, pg 3

"'It's said you can cross oceans,' the mage muttered (...) 'We can cross bodies of water,' the female acknowledged. 'But we can only find our shapes on land'" DhG, UK mmpb, p376-377



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