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Imrygyn Tallobant the Younger

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Imrygyn Tallobant the Younger


Name: Imrygyn Tallobant the Younger

Pseudonyms: none known

Age: unknown

Race: presumably human

Appearance: unknown

Further info: may be a son or other descendent to Imrygyn Tallobant. May even be that Tallobant by a slightly different name.



If the son of Imrygyn Tallobant, then must be born after the main series (1163-). If actually Tallobant, then born 1151.



Attributed Works


"The birth of Barghast gods rang like a hammer on the anvil of the pantheon. Primordial in their aspect, these ascended spirits emerged from the Hold of the Beast, that most ancient of realms from the long-lost Elder Deck. Possessors of secrets and mysteries born in the bestial shadow of humanity, theirs was a power wreathed in antiquity. Indeed, the other gods must have felt the tremor of their rising, rearing their heads in alarm and consternation. One of their own, after all, had just been abandoned in the mortal realm, whilst a First Hero assumed the warrior mantle in his place. More, the Fallen One had returned to the game in dire malice, corrupting the warrens to announce his deadly desire for vengeance and, it must be said in clear-eyed retrospect, domination. Burn’s sleep was fevered. Human civilization floundered in countless lands, drowning in the mire

of spilled blood. These were dark times, and it was a darkness that seemed made for the dawn of the Barghast gods . . ."


In the Wake of Dreams

Imrygyn Tallobant the Younger


(MoI, UK Trade p.534)



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